In this hectic world, many of the people were thinking that the gym is the only place to make sizable strength and muscle tone gains. However, the above fact is not that much correct because nowadays it is proven that the best results at- home workout plan for women which make it easy to get fitness into their busy lifestyle. The workout is not just about losing weight and toning it all about improving and maintaining mental and physical health. You need to set your mind clearly when starting to do the workout in your home.

The following work plan and ideas will help you to strengthen your body muscles and also helps to maintain your mental health. You need to start and properly follow the workout plan at your home. It will guide you to get better results as soon as possible.

Equipment you need at home for a workout

  • Dumbbells
  • A skipping rope
  • A medicine ball

First, you need to initiate to start the workout plan ideas for a few days, then it is comfortable and convenient for you then you can continue this workout plan with increasing the time

Here are some workout plan ideas for women at their home,

home workout

First week

Day 1; first you need to initiate with a warm-up for 5 mins of skipping then you want to split the exercise for 20 mins.

  • Burpees for 10 repetitions, crunches for 20 repetition
  • Then you need to do the plank for 30 sec which is very important for shaping your muscles
  • Next, you should do the kneeling press up for 40 repetitions
  • Finally, you need to bind up your exercises with running on the spot for 60 secs

Day 2: first you need to initiate your exercises with doing the warm-up for a 10 min light jog.

  • Then you need to split the time for 15 mins to do all the exercises
  • First, you start with running on the spot with high knees for 100 reps
  • Bicycle crunches for 80 secs then you need to do the sumo squats for 40 reps

Day 3: you need to do the warm-up for 5min light jogging.

Cardio: then you need to run for 24 mins you can also do alternatively between a 1 min sprint and a 2 min jog.

The above exercise is suitable and convenient for you then you can also follow this exercise and also make it as your routine exercise.

When you start to do the exercise for the first time, it will be quite difficult for you but when you do this as your regular exercise, it will be very easy for you to do.