Many of the people will prefer to start the exercise in the morning because it will give a lot of benefits for you. Some regular morning exercise will help you to gain a high amount of energy that will withstand for the whole day. Most of the people will start up their day with the cup of coffee which is not that much healthy to start the day. Instead of that, you can do the oil pulling then you start to do the morning exercise which will give better results for you. Many of the people will say morning exercises to feel great when they do their morning exercise regularly.

You can also follow the following exercise to start up your wonderful day.

Equipment needed:

For these exercises, you no need to have heavy equipment. A yoga mat is enough for doing these exercises. If you don’t have the yoga mat you can also use a strong cloth to do this exercise.

strengthen the muscles

Child pose

This restoring pose is considered as one of the great for gently stretching out your hips, pelvis and spine it can be a bit tight in the morning. This pose will help you to release the stress and also help to strengthen the muscles.

Plank with a knee tap

Plank is one of the best exercises to startup your exercise. It is quite difficult when you are doing this exercise for the first time. You need to start in a high plank position then you should keep the directly under the shoulder. The shoulder must be in line with the hip then you need to touch your knee with your hands in that plank position. The plank exercise is considered as a popular and very useful exercise for cheerful morning.

Double leg lift

First, you need to straightly lie on the mat then you should extend your leg in the direction of upward. Then your body automatically forms the 90- degree angle then you should keep your hand in the rest position and press low back into the mat. While doing this exercise your hip and leg muscles can get strengthened. It is very helpful to burn the calories from your body.


The squat is one of the common and popular exercises; you need to stand with your feet just wider than the hip-width. Then you should keep your hands in the straight position and start to send the hips back and bend knees to get into the perfect squat.

The above exercise will be very useful to you for getting a cheerful morning. The regular morning exercise will have many benefits for overall body health.