Are you loved to rocking with your short hair? But when it comes to the sport you may find it difficult to manage. Hairstyles can create a way so that you can focus on your pace without having any disturbance. Some of the hairstyles are made for the recommendations of runner-friendly. That would be the best option to do while they are moving to running practices. In this case, if you want to look chic and cute you may follow some basic tips to manage your hair and keep it looking sharp even during an intense of running.

Here are some ways to wear short hair when running safely with a pinned hair. So follow these styles to take care of your hair without spoiling it.


It would be the perfect running hairstyle for short hair for many sportspersons. If your hair is a bit above of your shoulders it is easy to bob with a pins or hair bands. It will help to secure your hair without having any damages. It gives the better and stylish looks to the sportsperson.


  • Secure your hair with Kirby grips
  • Pull your hair into a secure ponytail
  • Wrap the hair around your hair band

Half up, half down with a topknot

wear short hairIt could be a better hairstyle for your sports activities. You can bob half of the hair to the upper head and leave the left hair just above to your shoulder and below your ears. It is a great way to get the front hair out of your eyes without disturbing for your running practices.

  • It will be separated into three strands and create a plait
  • Pull the half hair into the top of the high ponytail
  • Pull the hair band around the hand to secure your pony

Having short hair that will make your life easier in any number of ways. It helps you to get ready in the morning and saves them money on the hair products. If you are having short hair then spinning and running it doesn’t matter. You can achieve any hardly problems with a single bobbed hair band.